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Grainy Surface

Care and Maintenance

Dear Client,

Thank you for choosing CJMTI, Inc. to provide you with the finest installation, fabrication and showroom services, for your commercial or residential project needs.  We hope that we will exceed your expectations by providing you with exceptional beauty, craftsmanship, quality and value.  While our initial role in your project may be complete, our following goal is to help our clients ensure the beauty of their materials to last for many years to come.  


Additionally, we would like to take this opportunity to provide you easy access to information on proper care of your materials.  Our experience has shown us that many times clients use over the counter products to clean or care for their materials, only to find that these products are not the right fit and can do more harm or damage than good.  With that in mind, we would also like to remind everyone on the regular maintenance some of your finish products may also require. Below, we have included some links, of the top industry leaders, to provide you knowledge you may need to understand on how to care, clean, and maintain your materials so that you will be satisfied with your investment long after your initial purchase or installation.


We invite you to take the time to understand and consider you available options about your materials and the right use of available products to maintain them. It will allow you to see the following benefits:

  • better durability,

  • easier to clean

  • keep them looking good for longer

  • water and stain protection/repellent

  • slip resistance

  • color or gloss enhancement. 

The QR Code listed will route you to "More Surface Care" showcasing

efficient quality products for your maintenance and care necessities. 



Proper care and maintenance will go a long way in allowing you to enjoy long lasting beauty!

Click on the pictures below to find recommended products - it is important that you are using the right product for your stone, so 

If you have any further questions, please contact our office. 

Grainy Surface
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